BEL Light


The BEL Light carves its own niche in lighting. Searching for interior lights can be a vast chore. There are many similar styles out there, yet there is nothing quite like what LMBRJK has down with 3D printing technology. We profiled their SADL stool a while back, and when we revisited their site, we were equally blown away with the BEL Light. The BEL light, like all of their products, undergoes an intense hand-making process before an individual laser cuts and forms the final amazing shape. Made from two African woods, Padouk and Wenge, the BEL light is fixed to a red/black textile cord and is finished with a warm white LED. The BEL light is nothing less than amazing and it goes to show you that when you marry tech and great design, the end product will last for many light years to come.

Order yours from LMBRJK’s online store.