Bombtrack Multix Tool


The Bombtrack Multix Tool is the true meaning of riding companionship. Whether you prefer solo riding or teaming up with a bunch of buds, you can rest assured that no matter what the obstacle, the ride will go on. The Bombtrack Multix Tool is a serious riding companion (and it’s not the kind of tool that some of your friends might be). This tool won’t complain when you flat out, and it won’t even harass you when your bike isn’t up to par. It just quietly goes along for the ride and backs you up when you truly need a fix. The Multix Tool is a clever little single tool that is equipped with 5,6mm hex bit, a 14,15mm open wrench, a lockring tool as well as a spoke tool. Made of steel, it comes in a handy leather carrying case that is also outfitted with some tire levers and patches. Weighting in at 231g (tool only) this little companion will be there regardless of what bomb goes off on your next ride.

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