Concrete Sketch Pencil


Unleash a goldmine of big ideas with the Concrete Sketch Pencil. Over the last few years we’ve tried to evolve with our iPhones/iPads, and even tried the various stylus tools, but nothing beats a good old fashioned notebook and thick lead technical pencil for idea generation. The Concrete Sketch Pencil by 22 Design Studio has been specifically crafted to provide the perfect writing/sketching experience by optimizing the pencil’s weight and contour. The body is crafted from a special formulated concrete that is resistant to weathering, chipping and cracking. Due to the natural properties of concrete, the body will darken over time as it interacts with moisture and air. This pencil takes standard 5.5mm lead and for an added bonus, a sharpener is integrated on the tail end of the pencil.

Available in two colorways directly from 22 Design Studio and