MEIJS Motorman Electric Motorbike


All gain and no pain with the MEIJS Motorman Electric Motorbike. We’ve all been stuck in traffic at some point, and let’s just say, it’s a royal pain in the ass. Lineups from here to there and everyone is grouchy. Now imagine if everyone was commuting via electric bike, wouldn’t that improve the daily commute? That was the thinking behind the MEIJS motorman. Ronald MEIJS (based out of the Netherlands) designed one wicked looking electric motorbike. With its large headlight and long minimalistic form it could easily pass for an early vintage motorbike that would stand the test of time. Built from steel and CrMo Steel, it is powered by a Brushless direct-drive hubmotor that can reach speeds of 25-45km\hr, and a range of up to 100km. There is one slight problem with this slick electric bike (sorry North Americans), it’s only approved for use in the EU (European Union). Since us Northerners experience 8 months of winter, I won’t be selling my car anytime soon, but if a portion of the population rode the MEIJS Motorman, mother nature would be smiling just a little bit more.

Find out more about the electric Motorman at MEIJS’s website.