Behring Made Pro LT Nessmuk Knife


The original outdoors man and his blade are reborn with the Behring Made Pro LT Nessmuk Knife. It’s nice to have a strong connection to the past. For Behring Made, they decided to take a classic blade (designed by George Sears back in the 1800’s), and make it theirs. Mr. Sears was one of the original adventures that utilized light weight products to explore, the precursor to what is now known as ultralight camping. The Nessmuk Knife has been hand forged out of 01 tool steel, and when you combine it with the design, you have yourself one extremely lightweight and compact knife that can easily be stowed away. The blade utilizes an etched gun blue blaze finish, and is protected with a clear Cerakote finish making for one rugged and extremely durable blade. The handle is stripped down to the basics, and is finished with an epoxy treated orange 550 paracord. To top it off Behring has made an all-weather sheath.

Available in Black Coyote, Black OD or Blue Blaze(featured above). Order yours via Behring Made’s online store.