GoSun Sport


Let the power of the sun do your cooking with the GoSun Sport Stove. Whether it’s overcast, partial exposure, or blaring sunshine; the GoSun will steam, bake, fry, roast or boil in as little as 20 mins (depending on the suns strength). The GoSun utilizes an evacuated glass tube as the main cooking insulator and two parabolic reflectors to effectively capture and convert light rays from a broad range of angles requiring no adjustments while cooking. It can easily be attached to your pack for those deep backcountry hikes, deploys in seconds, requires no fuel or batteries and is a cinch to when it comes to clean-up. This may not be the most effective tool for the wet west coast, but if you’re anywhere else with a decent amount of sun exposure (even in the dead of winter), the GoSun is a perfect sustainable cooking alternative.

Available through Amazon or Campsaver.com