Speedvagen Urban Racer


Introducing the Speedvagen Urban Racer, declassify your speed addiction. With all the urban commuter machines out there, most of them are classified into one segment or another. The Folks at Vanilla Workshop have just unclassified bikes with speed as the common denominator. Made to be lightweight and nimble, they designed this machine with a race cockpit that delivers top-gun performance. With a race soul, you might think the details were overlooked, but contrary to popular belief it’s the quite the opposite. Everything on this speed freak has been dialed in right from the integrated chain guard, custom rack, aggressive wheel and tire size (650b x 42) to  super light stainless tubing (captured flawlessly by John Watson). If you feel the need for mach speeds than strap in and let the Speedvagen fill your obsession.

Get yours at Vanilla Workshop’s website.