The Field Knife Set


Embrace your inner back-country foodie with The Field Knife Set. Anytime I’ve experienced a camping adventure, food has always played a key role. After all, who doesn’t like sitting by a roaring fire with a cider in one hand, and a freshly prepared fish in the other? It doesn’t matter where your adventure takes you, food will always follow. What better way to prepare your food than with a specifically designed knife set? The Field Knife Set is the perfect set of traveling blades that have been designed to meet the needs of the outdoor enthusiast in all of us. Made from Swedish Sandvik stainless steel, Carl Jonsson (founder of Tiktaalik) have produced a series of knifes that feature a wicked design with functional characteristics such as lightweight design (omitted the grip), compact stack-able design, highly ergonomic feel and a well-balanced form. When you’re out exploring new lands, let the Field knife set cater to your personalized needs.

Pre-order yours now at Tiktaalik.