Brian Persico Longbow


Pure craftsmanship is right on target with Brian Persico’s Long Bow. There is something to be said about archery that entices me. Whether it’s the skill that goes into firing the bow, or the simple structure that has been around for centuries, it is one of the most fascinating weapons of all time. Brian Persico, a craftsman with many talents, explores his love for the craft by creating some on the nicest traditional bows we’ve seen to date. Made in the USA, these longbows are handmade from scratch in his Brooklyn studio. Each bow begins by sourcing the right trees, harvesting, and then drying them. He then carefully selects each piece, making sure it will fit the bend perfectly. The bow is then finished off with Antler tops and nocks that are hand carved from naturally shed antlers. There is nothing quite like great minimal design, and Brian Persico Longbow is true to that.  If you’re interested in learning more about how to make these bows and live in the neighborhood, you’re in luck as he offers bow making classes. Check out when his next class is here.

Available in Ash, Osage Orange and Pacific Yew, these bows are 100% made to order, so contact Brian Perisco on his website, to start your order.