IRIS Surfboard


Surf and skate culture clash with the IRIS Surfboard. Ever since the development of surfing, and its little brother skating, boundaries have been pushed. Although they incorporate different elements, it’s companies like IRIS that have melded the two together. IRIS, a San Francisco company, started out by making skateboards out of old recycled skate decks. Taking that knowledge and applying it to a surfboard they have created a wicked looking one-of-a-kind surfboard that plays homage to skateboarding ancestry. Each surfboard is made from EPS recycled foam, covered with a recycled skateboard veneer, and than coated with a Bio based resin. Whether it’s on land or water, the IRIS Surfboard and its stunning recycled connection will always have a grounded connection.

Since every board is custom made to your specs, get in contact with George at IRIS Surfboards here to start your order.