Queue Record Display Rack


The Queue Record Display Rack allows artful presence to play on forever. If you’re a vinyl collector of any level, than you’re well aware that collecting records is more than just the sound, it’s also about the great album artwork. Although there is a resurgence in vinyl, its hay day has long passed, especially with the transition to the digital file. However, if you’re a collector and like to show them off, than I would highly suggest the Queue Record Display. The Queue (an appropriate name), beautifully frames the album giving the album the attention is deserves. Harold (a collaboration of designers/makers Reed Hansuld and Joel Seigle) proudly makes high-end quality products, and have made the Queue using American Walnut and attached the wall with 4 brass screws. Made in the USA, the design incorporates a tongue and groove system which is super intuitive to load and unload the rack. On top of that, the rack is deep enough to hold multiple records so you can easily move records around and display what’s next on the queue. Hopefully vinyl will never disappear, and it’s companies like Harold that draw much needed attention to this form of artwork.

Get yours at Harold’s online store.