Solidwool X Fanoptics Sunglasses

Solidwool-X-Fanoptics-Sunglasses LumberJac

The Solidwool X Fanoptics Sunglasses do in fact pull the wool over your eyes. Wool has been around for centuries supporting many economies to this day. It’s fascinating that it’s taken until now for a company to utilize this magnificent textile to create a modern material called Solidwool. Solidwool (a process that uses wool to create a fibreglass style composite material), was conceived from a dimensioning industry in the heart of Buckfastleigh, a small town in England. Solidwool was approached by Fan Optics, a brand that focuses on handcrafted high quality design, to create 5 amazing designs as part of their SS15 launch and together they have created a wicked collection unlike anything we’ve seen. The frames are 100% handmade in England using Solidwool and the highest quality metal fittings, they are then paired with a Dark Grey ‘Sola by Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlense’.

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