Stephen the Waist Pack


Wherever your feet might take you, Stephan the Waist Pack by Millican will follow. Whether you take it to the trail, or set out on an urban hike, there is something about slogging around an unnecessary pack that’s a little over the top. The Stephen Waist Pack holds its own in this simple roll-top waist bag that can store everything from your water bottle, gadgets and pullover. Made from 100% weather proofed organic cotton canvas, the Stephen has a waterproof 100% recycled polyester lining and is finished off with vegi-tanned leather. Whatever the calling (I could see this as the perfect fishing bag), this wicked looking bag will gladly explore the surroundings with you,  no matter where you go next. What path will you take with the Stephen Waist Pack?

Available in slate green, antique bronze or grey blue, order yours from Millican’s online store.