Campagnolo Big Corkscrew


Go big or go home with the Campagnolo Big Corkscrew. As far as biking goes, Campagnolo is synonymous with names in biking history that will live on forever. Who hasn’t drooled over a Campagnolo group set?  I know I have. Campagnolo all began with one mans creative genius and his invention of the mighty quick release, a invention that modernized biking. While toasting victories at the infamous Tour de France, he hurt his hand while opening a bottle of wine, and from his rage the iconic corkscrew was born. Fast forward to today and the Campagnolo Big Corkscrew is still 100% made in Italy out of  high quality, long lasting bronze or satin finish. It goes to show that a little ingenuity mixed with a tad bit of rage can bring out the best in all of us.

Order yours directly via Campagnolo or at Amazon.