Hand-Dyed High-Top


Be the master of the classic with the Hand-Dyed High-Top by The Brothers Crisp. As far as high tops go, I can honestly say I’ve never been a huge fan. On occasion I’ve seen a few that catch my eye, but I still prefer the good ol’ low cut sneaker. This may be one case when my mind has been changed. Handmade in the US from 13 oz European bull hide, they’ve hand-dyed it a wicked deep ultramarine blue which is worked to the bone to create an incredibly supple upper (they say that it’s so soft that you’ll have to feel it to believe it). They pair that with a 9oz veg tan heal counter, a tumbled padded ankle-collar, and a hand-sewn pull-tab. Combine that with incredibly fine details, a gum cupsole (which happens to made in Italy), and calfskin lined foot bed; you have one of the best looking high-tops around. The Brothers Crisp pride themselves on artisan goods that focus solely on centuries-old craft, and pair that with an undeniable eye for innovative style. The Hand-Dyed High-top is their first venture in the sneaker category, and from what we can see, we hope they continue to push this avenue cause’ they definitely have my attention with this soon-to-be classic in American made footwear.

Get yours at The Brothers Crisp online store.