NEMO Puffin Blanket Review


We live in a frozen tundra for 6 months of the year. Maybe I’ve got a flare for the dramatic, but it sometimes feels like winter will never end living north of the 49th parallel. For those living in really cold climates, you have my sympathies. When we received the PUFFIN Blanket in the dead of winter, I was pumped to try it out.

First Impressions
NEMO’s new Puffin blanket is designed for chilling on the couch, watching fireworks up on the hill, or chilling by the campfire. The Puffin isn’t your average cozy blanket, the designers at NEMO have added a few rad features that we’ve come to appreciate. First, the Puffin features buttons that allow you to fold the end into a pocket for your feet, check. Second, the blanket is as light as a feather (2lb, 3 oz), and boasts ripstop fabric and fluffy Stratofiber insulation, check. Finally, the Puffin rocks some serious DWR (durable water repellency) that we can attest to, check.

In Use
During the winter months we used the Puffin daily on the couch. We caught up on episodes of Homeland, Daredevil, and the Walking Dead without our feet being assaulted by the cold air. The Puffin is also wider than your average blanket (86in x 60in) so you can easily fit two people under its warm glory. Once the weather was warmer we brought the Puffin on all our camping trips. We used it by the fire on cold nights, in the tent for both over, and under our sleeping bags, and even in the car driving back on rainy days. The Puffin comes with a zippered storage bag with breathable mesh, but we would have preferred a stuff-sack style bag that compresses. For our final “test” we took the Puffin to Folkfest. Folk fest is like a pilgrimage for us that we take very seriously, 4 days of sitting under the stars listening to great music. On the 4th day we spilled our dinner smothered in sriracha sauce all over the blanket. We thought it was doomed to a life of nasty sriracha stains, but we were pleasantly surprised to discover that it washed up beautifully using our trusty NIKWAX Tech Wash. Props to NIKWAX for keeping our gear clean and protecting the water repellency in all our camping goods.

Final Thoughts
We dig the Puffin, it’s been a nice addition to our collection. Our only real critique is the design of the stuff sack, and the one purple/light blue color combo from 2015. We’ve heard rumors that NEMO is ditching that combo and introducing some rad new colors for 2016. All in all, we highly recommend the Puffin. We could further see it being used for hammock camping when you don’t want to be cinched down in a traditional sleeping bag, or for cold evenings watching the football game or soccer match.

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