O Six Hundred Kayak


The O Six Hundred Kayak brings a ray of light with this technological masterpiece. A Kayak is nothing new, after all they’ve been around for thousands of years. However, if designed right the first time, it will stand the test of time in an ever evolving market. Ben Cooper and Vert design have taken the original concept to a whole new level. Utilizing CNC machining, they took full advantage of the precise manufacturing and used it to cut marine grade hoop pine plywood. With the aid of full length red-cedar strips, and a radical heat-welded carbon fabric skin gives this design marvel a complete life of its own. Together they combine to create one hell-of-a strong kayak that is not only super-lightweight, it is as bold as it is beautiful. To top it off, the O Six Hundred Kayak and its meager 30 piece kit plays to the craftsman in all of us, and is easily built at home. To show that it was done right, the O Six Hundred Kayak won ‘Best in Category’ at the 2015 Good Design Award.

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