Pack Axe


Pack and go with the perfect Pack Axe. While out camping this summer I’ve been debating what would be the perfect camp axe for small work like cutting kindle. My trusty knife starts the job just fine for cutting smaller pieces, by my standard axe is a bit clumsy for the job. Bush Smarts have produced with a dual purpose nimble axe which comes in at just 18inches. Made in Finland, the Pack axe was designed with a “U” shape which saves on weight for those back country travels, and “V” wedge blade that splits wood with ease. Bush Smarts hand makes (in New York) a thick durable oiled leather sheath and is purposely devoid of any buckles or straps, making it ideal for storage in or outside your pack. Even though it’s ideal for small jobs, it is long enough to wield with two hands if you encounter those pesky knots.

Get yours directly via Bush Smarts.