Alaskan Concept

Say hello to Renault’s new light-truck concept, the Alaskan. With oil at its all time low and truck sales sky rocking globally, Renault is looking to take advantage of this trend and compete with the big boys. This new Alaskan concept is no super or heavy-duty truck by any stretch of the imagination, but a highly flexible light pick-up built to perform where others fall short. This 5 seater, one-tonne payload light pick-up will be supported by a highly efficient four-cylinder, longitudinally-mounted twin turbo diesel engine. It may only be a four banger, but it will have outstanding acceleration, top of the class fuel economy, and low CO2 emissions. It features 21-inch wheels, full LED lighting, and a design that will match your outdoor lifestyle. It will also host a range of the highest quality equipment, connectivity, and a load bed that incorporates built-in storage units to protect and secure your gear. The final production is scheduled for the first half of 2016.

For more information, check out the main Renault website.

Renault Alaskan ConceptRenault Alaskan ConceptRenault Alaskan ConceptRenault Alaskan ConceptRenault Alaskan Concept