Another Escape


Take Another Escape and enjoy what you’ve been missing in the outdoors. Forging new paths and escaping into the outdoors is what Another Escape Volume Five ‘The Great Outdoors’ is all about. For us the outdoors have always been about escapism, allowing us to take a step back and breathe. Volume Five was inspired by people like us and their sacred relationship with the great outdoors. It focuses on more than just the adrenaline junkies, it looks at people who appreciate both the gentle and wild sides, all while establishing a well-balanced respectful approach in a minimalist but well designed 132 page book. The volume includes stories like adventuring the North American trails with a thru-hiker & trail specialist, exploring Norwegian terrain & the Fjord region’s heritage & way of life, a story about a fourth generation hiking boot maker and more. In the end, it’s not just another escape, it’s a lifestyle choice.

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