Crono Pocket Knife


Never leave home without your Crono Pocket knife. If you’ve ever forgotten your favorite pocket knife back at home base than you’ll recognize how naked you felt. If you’re like us, than you might just want to carry a backup. The Crono Pocket Knife by SWISS ADVANCE may not be the strongest knife in your arsenal, but heck this light backup and its ultra refined thin design is guaranteed to back you when called upon. Made in Switzerland out of strain-hardened spring steel, the Chrono has been sourced and sharpened in Germany. The knife is then laser cut and assembled by hand in Switzerland. The Crono hosts a simple interlocking system that can easily be fanned out when looking for one of the 15 tools; Screw driver, fish scaler, fork, square, wire cutter, ruler, bradawl and sewing, hexagon and screw wrench. When all said and done, Swiss Advance has created a modern, sleek, and almost invisible companion that won’t disappear on ya’.

Available directly from SWISS ADVANCE.