GoBites Travel Trio


Introducing GoBites Travel Trio, civilized cutlery for any environment. We’ve seen our fair share of travel cutlery (see our almighty spork off), however, like many they dish up one or two jobs well, but fall apart at the rest. We’ve discovered a solution that satisfies all courses equally. The GoBites by humangear has been in development for over 2 years (a hell of a long time if you ask me), but in the end the design, materials, and functionality come together nicely creating an extremely durable and simple set. The GoBites Trio features an extended-length spoon, fork, and knife (which they claim actually cuts), that sits in a beautifully strong yet incredibly thin case which keeps everything well organized and clean for the next use. As beautiful as the set is, it’s the details like the metal bottle opener in the knife, and a custom wedge/pointed toothpick that round out this wicked go-anywhere set.

Available in blue grey or black directly from Amazon.