Santa Cruz 2016 Bronson

The trails will tremble at the knees of the new Santa Cruz 2016 Bronson. Upgrading a bike that literally took the market by storm was a risky task to say the least, and huge ask for the Santa Cruz design team. How do you improve a ride that destroys trails and eats World Series courses for lunch? The noticeable colour way will probably improve my ride, but for all you pro riders you’ll notice the completely new VPP link arrangement providing protection from impacts and improves lateral stiffness. The geometry has evolved to give you a much more aggressive position over the crank allowing you to throw down the power and push through those nasty climbs. The 150mm suspension has been improved to give you more sensitivity for the small bumps, and an enhanced progressive mid-stoke. The new Bronson is available in a Carbon C or Carbon CC, the later made with higher quality carbon fiber resulting in a weight loss of about 280 grams. These changes may seem small, but provide a significant step forward for a bike that was already flawless.

Start the build process directly on the Santa Cruz site.

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Santa Cruz 2016 BronsonSanta Cruz 2016 Bronson