Pull up a SO2 Stool and enjoy the minimalist lifestyle. Achieving minimalist design can be tricky at times, it involves a acute eye for great design while embodying the materials at hand. Designed and developed by Dan Vakhrameyev (FILD founder), the SO2 Stool is one of FILD’s first objects in their Sustainable Origin collection. With a minimalist form as the jumping point, the concept takes genuine materials such as wood and metal and melds them into accurate attainable design. The collection was presented in December 2014, and includes other great pieces such as floor lamps, pendant lamps, shelving units and of course our fav’ the SO2 Stool. Handmade in Kiev, Dan’s work is a wonderful collection of ideas that work with each project (not against), creating a collection of work that captures the essence of what true good design is really about.

Available in black, raw, white or grey base with gold, chocolate or natural seat, get yours at FILD.