Timberland Tires

Drive, recycle, wear – Timberland’s commitment to their new line of tires. You heard that correctly, Timberland is now in the business of making tires. It’s not like they started from scratch, Timberland has partnered with Omni United to produce a line of performance tires that not only meet the demands of our harsh seasonal temperatures, but have completely revolutionized the tire business. Instead of filling our landfills with old tires, the Timberland tire gets a second lease on life. The journey starts with a design that allows for sustainability without sacrificing performance, then each tire is manufactured in the USA using a mix of domestic and imported materials. After a long life on your vehicle, the tires are exchanged/replaced, then turned into crumb rubber that Timberland utilizes within their new process of footwear outsole production. Their first tire line, Timberland Cross are designed for CUVS and SUVS with a 65,000 mile treadwear warranty. Stay tuned for the Timberland A/T launching fall of 2015, these all terrain tires are specifically built for SUVs and light trucks where the off-road demands are at their highest.

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Timberland TiresTimberland TiresTimberland Tires