Elipson Planet M Speakers


Leave planet earth and enjoy the Elipson Planet M Speakers. Playing homage to the ground-breaking model that established the brand’s spherical design blueprints, the Planet M Speakers possess a sweet retro feel, with all the features of a modern sound system. ¬†Speakers have evolved significantly, I remember my parent’s stereo and speaker set that were the size of small coffins. Modern day speakers pack serious punch, without taking up square footage in your living room. With its matte grill and tripod reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s, the Planet M Speakers feature a frequency range of (+/- 3Db): 90-22000 Hz, and a max music power of 60 watts. The white matte finish of the Planet M/AS30 Tribute model is limited to only 100 pairs of speakers, so you better pounce if you want visit Planet M.

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