Honda CB 350 by Ratbike


The Honda CB350 by Ratbike is raised from the corrosive ashes and rides once again. There is something about the design of old bikes that never gets old. Marcin & Marcin of Ratbike (based out of Zielona Góra, Poland), have taken their motorcycle enthusiasm to all new levels. Starting with one bike, a 74′ BMW R60 that was literally crumbling in their hands, their hobby turned into passion, and the rest is history. Enter the Honda CD 350, the bike is a wicked combination of new factory parts and highly tuned after-market parts all tweaked just right. A few highlights of the bike begin with the Modified power KEIHIN CR26 carburetors, modified exhaust system, specially milled piston heads, and DP USA front suspension all sit on a modified light frame. With a little blood, sweat, and tears; the boys from ratbike, have brought their vision to life with this once forgotten relic.

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