Some guys carry a briefcase, I prefer to carry a SILCA HX-One Kit. Don’t waste your hard earned cash on a crappy set of hex keys, get the good stuff and only buy them once. The set is CNC machined from a shock resistant steel which has been refined by Swiss and German toolmakers for the optimal balance of strength, hardness, shock resistance and dimensional control.  The keys are then hand finished, coated with thin-dense chrome, a process generally reserved for mold tool components or optical grade surfaces inside molding tools. This coating provides the hardest, most dimensionally stable finish possible on each hex key. On top of that, the hex set is sprayed with a red polymer that not only provides wicked grip, it looks damn sexy. SILCA is then packed in a beautiful hand-sanded beech wood box. Trust me, you won’t lose these keys in your overflowing tool box! Christmas is creeping up around the corner (and shipping takes 4-5 weeks), and I know of a few people who wouldn’t complain if Santa made his way down the chimney stack with a sweet set of hex keys.

Available directly from SILCA. Don’t wait to place your order as this set is incredibly popular.