The Fern Firewood Carrier


Let the heavy lifting almost take care of itself with The Fern Firewood Carrier. With fall in full steam, I can’t wait to set up my vintage preway fireplace. As nice as it is to have a fire, there are all the little details that you need to think about. The ability to transport the wood without it collapsing or making the place look like a gerbil took up residence takes precedent. The Fern Firewood Carrier is a beautiful solution that takes its job serious. Handcrafted from heavyweight saddle-grade leather, it features a white oak base with leather looped feet. Due to its sturdy construction, the premium cowhide conveniently remains upright without flopping over, and even if it’s a warm winter, the carrier can be used for just about anything.

Available in Chestnut, Tan,Oxblood and Burgundy, get yours from Fern.