UAZ Hunter Truck Series


The UAZ Hunter Truck Series is strong like bull and sexy without question. The Russians are known for their incredibly functional and durable machinery, like the T-34 WWII tank and the world-renowned AK47. The UAZ Hunter Truck is no stranger to military prowess. Built in Russia, the Hunter Truck takes its classic military cues and brings it into the modern spotlight. Its strength and durability come from an all metal body, metal bumpers, 5-speed manual tranny, 128hp petrol or 113hp diesel powered engine (you won’t be winning any street races), and of course, 4wd. The UAZ Hunter comes in three lines, classic, Victory Series and limited edition Trophy. The Trophy series is equipped with gear and transfer case protection, expedition tires, and exclusive 16 inch alloy wheels. The Victory series is dedicated to the fighter pilots during the Great Patriotic War and comes with stamped steel gear protection, body graphics, souvenir set and expedition tires. With a decorated history, UAZ has managed to keep classic style alive and well, and ready to fight another battle.

For more information, or to get your hands on one of these, check out UAZ’s website.