Analogue Nt


Pixelnation is brought to life with the Analogue Nt. My first system was a Colecovision, my second system was a Nintendo, and then I ventured into Sega for Golden Axe 2, but that was a disappointment. Nothing was better than spending my teen years sequestered in the basement playing track and field and Zelda. I miss those simple days. Analogue can apparently read my mind because they’ve created a way to re-experience the over 2000 titles with the quality and justice they deserve. The Analogue Nt is precision fabricated from a single, solid block of 6061 aluminum. Designed around the original hardware, the Analogue Nt is an RGB NES. This means each and every pixel is razor sharp, producing an astounding level of clarity. The first production run is sold out, and the second production is highly limited to 300 units. Due to limited available components (CPU and PPU) this will be the last and final Analogue Nt production. So, get clicking all the way to the checkout before it’s game over.

Available in a multitude of colors, get yours at Analogue’s online store.