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Channel Field Jacket

Winter staple fulfilled by the Relwen’s Channel Field Jacket. Where our goose downs fall short, the Channel Field Jacket picks up the pieces and easily fills the ranks as the multi-purpose, highly rugged field jacket. The exterior shell is crafted with a blend of wool, polyester and a small mix of melange yarn. The inside is filled with 4 oz polyfill quilt insulation, and lined with 100% polyester ripstop that is cire finished (high glazed finish from a process of heat and pressure). For reduced weight and extra warmth, the jacket features quilt-thru construction and dual closure (molded zipper and black oxidized snaps). Born out of the American working heritage, the Relwen brand is committed to function, durability, and craftsmanship in the details, and an undeniable mission to create clothing that lasts and is relevant years to come.

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Relwen Channel Field JacketRelwen Channel Field Jacket