Metis Desk

Organization made simple with the Metis desk. Even in today’s work environment where paper is supposedly a thing of the past, our work spaces seem to be over cluttered with tablets, phones, wires and all the other paperwork we can’t seem to live without. The Metis is a compact desk solution providing many storage opportunities to keep you living a uncluttered and minimal lifestyle. This solid oak desk features three drawers, two lidded sections, a secret compartment, and plenty of room for cables, wires, and all the small stuff like post-its, paperclips, pens and pencils. Hand crafted by Wewood, a Portuguese company dedicated and driven by an unwavering passion for creating products of excellence.

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Wewood Metis DeskWewood Metis DeskWewood Metis DeskWewood Metis DeskWewood Metis Desk