NDC Ubagaan Bench-Toboggan


Hill and home is where the NDC Ubagaan lives. One thing is a must when you live in a snowy climate, and that’s owning a toboggan. However fun it is, the classic piece gets stowed away, only to be revisited occasionally. Inspired by this classic, the folks at NDC have come up with a great design that incorporates the classic toboggan into an item in a year-round display. One part bench, one part toboggan, the two interlock masterfully creating a functional piece of furniture that is ready at a moments notice for a snow day. Made from steam-bent Ash, brass hardware, and a marine rope, the Ubagaan is finished off in colors inspired by the Cree medicine wheel. NDC have created a wicked live-by-the-door piece that proudly displays this First Nations of Eastern Canada invention.

Available directly from Nation Design Collective.