Oto Cycles BCN OtoR Electric Bike


Introducing the Oto Cycles BCN OtoR Electric bike, a bike with a vintage soul driven by technology. The more I think about it, electric bikes make sense. For starters, you have the thrill of the open air cockpit, the advantage of an electric motor and almost zero emissions (once you factor in the production of electricity). Oto Cycles, based in Barcelona (Spain), have done an awesome job in creating a bike collection that defines a passion for retro design. Built in Barcelona entirely by hand, each bike is fully customizable with a variety of options including a 6-speed revoshift for a few extra quid. Weighing in at 27 kg, this steed boasts a 40-70 km per charge range on the sweet motorcycle-style tires. Let’s be serious, we all own multiple bikes (road, mountain, cross, cruiser), why not add a jolt of electricity to the mix?

Learn more at Oto Cycles BCN or order yours at Re-Started.