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Thomas Clipper Matchbox Travel Razor


Shave off the layers of adventure with the Thomas Clipper Matchbox Travel Razor. Adventure runs thick within our blood, and with adventure comes travel. As far as travel goes, we’re always looking for ways to travel small and light. The Thomas Clipper Matchbox Travel Razor is a beautifully designed compact travel razor. Hand made from zinc alloy, aluminum, and solid steel; the Matchbox travel razor breaks down into 4 pieces. Once needed, the matchbox travel razor assembles in seconds to a perfectly weighted three-and-a-half inch grooming essential. Thomas Clipper was founded in London with one objective, to make high quality precision engineered products for men. Matchbox Travel Razor is just one of the three all-metal double edge safety razors from within their collection. The quality of these razors is impressive, and if you want to go the full 9 yards, you can also pick up hand-made soap and a wooden bowl that was constructed from naturally felled 300 year-old horse chestnut. Ditch the crappy disposables and join the movement of men who are taking the time to get their shave right.

Available directly from Thomas Clipper.