Flexi Tool Backpack

Meet the Flexi Tool Backpack, the next generation Toolbox. The traditional toolbox hasn’t changed much over the last century, nor should it, but if your work site isn’t in your garage they quickly become super inefficient. The Flexi Tool Backpack is the perfect solution to augment your main toolbox when regular travel is necessary to get the job done. Even if your fixing a small job around the house, hauling the mother load of tools is absolutely overkill. The Flexi Tool Backpack is exactly what it sounds like, an open face pack for your essential tools. It can be easily thrown over the shoulders allowing you to carry more gear or huddle up a ladder with ease. The Flexi is available in a 19L or 30L backpack, and if you have no need for the backpack straps, you can opt for the 15L or 23L tool bag. It’s crafted from super durable rubber-plastic and features multiple tool loops, dedicated cordless drill holder, multi-purpose pocket and an elastic cord to securely store those long drill bits and levels. Don’t just take our word for it, the Flexi is also a winner of the prestigious RedDot Design Award from 2012 for product innovation.

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Flexi Tool BackpackFlexi Tool Backpack