Purdey Full Damascus Folding Pocket Knife


The Purdey Full Damascus Folding Pocket Knife brings meaning to the modern day lumberjack. Knives are a dime a dozen out there, but how many can lay claim to modern day sophistication? Since their inception Purdey (a purveyor of fine gun and rifle manufacturing), have made more than just rifles and guns, they’ve made some incredibly stunning blades. The full Damascus folding pocket knife is a wonderful example of skilled craftsmanship. Hand-crafted in England, the blade and handle are crafted entirely from one of our favs’ Damascus steel, a steel know for its strength, hardness, unique finger print and its ability to retain incredible sharpness. Available in two sizes, either in a 3″ or 2″ blade, Purdey has created a masterpiece that is a must for any modern day outdoors-man.

Order yours directly from Purdey’s.