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ShaveSmith Kamisori Straight Razor Kit


The ShaveSmith Kamisori Straight Razor Kit forges a whole new shaving experience. While beards are great, we can’t deny a great shaving tool. Enter the ShaveSmith Kamisori Straight Razor, a personal honed shaving tool that brings its sharpest skill set to the shaving routine. Hand crafted in the mountains of Colorado, USA, blade smith Christopher learned his craft from his father, a truly crafted knife maker. His luv’ for razors would come later when focusing his craft on traditional razors like your grand father used. First the handles are formed by hammer and anvil, then the blades are hand forged one at a time (with respect to traditional Japanese razor design), and then finished off with a western grind, polished and wrapped with leather. Included with each razor kit is a hand cut and dyed beginners strop in sleek onyx black, vintage brown, or cargo brown. Immersed in the shaving process, Christopher cuts his own clean path forging on with a passion that lies deep within his bloodline.

Available directly from ShaveSmith’s Esty store.