Help extend your lifespan with the StandDesk. Sitting wasn’t a major concern even a decade ago, but the more we’re chained to our desk, car, and glued to Netflix, the more damage we’re doing to our long term health. Over the last few months I’ve been contemplating a full switch to a standing desk. Not just for the fact that standing while working for just three hours per day can potentially burn 30k calories per year  and help reduce lower back pain, but for the added circulation that can dramatically help your energy levels and productivity.

The market for standing desks has finally gaining traction, but the options for anything decent is still pretty limited. Steven Yu’s StandDesk is definitely one of the market leaders worth checking out. The StandDesk provides plenty of options to customize your desk for optimal working conditions. The standard option gives you simple up and down controls, where the deluxe package provides a full memory-height controller giving you quick one-touch height adjustments. It also features an optional cable/cord trays, four table top colors and finishes, and a decent selection of table top sizes (24”x50” – 40”x70”).

Customize your StandDesk directly through Huckberry.