True Fit – A Collected History of Denim


Introducing True Fit – A Collected History of Denim book. There is nothing quite like denim. It’s an ageless fabric that manages to survive fashion and its ever changing eccentricities. It’s cast in the shadow of a long history of miserable and dangerous working conditions born in the mid-187o’s. Join Viktor Fredbäck, a Swedish denim collector who travels to old silver mines in search of that elusive collection, to show off his unique collection and its role in the greater historical context. The book also features a series of exciting stories including a miner, contractor, a rodeo clown, sailor, and many others that lend their story as part of denim’s multifaceted history. To think that before the 50’s, jeans were devalued, occasionally mocked, and even banned, but the all-mighty jean will forever be a substantial part of history for many lives to come.

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