Barstuul, how you say bar stool when you’ve been sitting comfortably for too long drinking and eating appetizers. That’s what will happen when you have the chance to choose your own wood species and frame color to perfectly match your decor. What’s even better is the fact that your horizontally challenged friends can rest their feet on the higher footrest, while your tall friends can rest them on the lower footrest or the floor. Win-win. The stool has a clean aesthetic that would work well in any kitchen, the geometry is interesting, but not distracting. Designed by Quartertwenty, an architectural hardware and furniture company from Portland, Oregon who know good design, and consistent with the Portland vibe, they minimize waste and promote the re-use of materials. You can specifically choose from white oak, fir, maple or walnut for the seat material; and white power coat, black anodized, or clear anodized for the frame finish.

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