Hand Made Leather Head Football

Go long with a Leather Head Football. This is one heavy duty football made to last a lifetime. Not your typical NFL issued ball, the Leather Head ball is built to fit roundly in your hands making it much easier to throw for us non-pros. Designed and hand crafted by Paul Cunningham in Glen Rock, New Jersey, each ball is made with American-tanned skin originally intended for super-duty boots. There’s nothing easy about making these balls, as the entire process is done by hand, resulting in minimal material waste and impeccable craftsmanship and quality. Like a good old leather baseball glove that gets better with age, this ball will literally last your lifetime and is backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty. Choose from Black, Blue or Natural and available directly from Kaufmann Mercantile.

Hand Made Leather Head FootballHand Made Leather Head FootballHand Made Leather Head Football