Henry CNC Blue Apron

Get the job done in a Henry CNC Apron. Whether you’re forging a Damascus switch blade, meticulously painting a landscape, or working on your bike, the Henry CNC Raw denim apron will help see you through the tough times and proudly protect your threads. Inspired by Henry Ford and explorer Henry Hudson, this apron was crafted for all those who have a passion for hard work and a resilient spirit. Crafted in the USA by Kasil Workshop using 100% American grown organic cotton selvage denim from Cone Mills. The clean unwashed raw denim will age perfectly overtime, and naturally form to your body shape. The Henry CNC Apron features two large pockets giving you plenty of carrying space, and a decent sized chest pocket designed perfectly for a phone and a pencil.

Available directly from Kasil Workshop.

Henry CNC Blue ApronHenry CNC Blue ApronHenry CNC Blue Apron