No roof rack required when you’re packing a SeatRack. Even if you have a roof rack or box, there are situations when your over-sized cargo is too big for your box, but still needs to be protected from the elements. Thanks to the SeatRack, you can easily haul that extra long cargo without folding the seats or building some ridiculous roof contraption. It’s as simple as removing your headrests and replacing them with the fully adjustable SeatRack system. The rubberized base prevents your cargo from slipping while the 54 inch strap and metal buckle ensures everything is securely mounted in the event of sudden stops and starts. With a maximum weight allowance of 50lbs, the SeatRack is perfect for snowboards, skies, surfboards and other building materials and gear. It may not be the solution to take the family out to the mountains, but is ingenious when you’re riding solo or need a quick solution to your hauling dilemma.

Available directly from SeatRack.