Hohenmoorer Y2 Monostahl Chef’s Knife

Just the presence of a Hohenmoorer Y2 Monostahl Chef’s Knife will install fear in your veggies. Designed for daily use, this pure functional knife is distinctive in its own right without any superfluous elements. With nearly two decades of crafting blades under his belt, Ulrich Hennicke began forging his unique line of chef knives in Asendorf, Germany. Each blade is carefully hand-forged from C100Cr6 carbon steel where it instantly develops a patina and continues to evolve and change the more you use this knife. The unique characteristics of carbon steel not only gives your blade personality and character, but does hold an edge longer than traditional stainless steel. Regardless if you’re left or right-handed, the smoked oak octagonal handle will feel like an extension of your hand, giving you precise control over every cut. This simple blade is finished with a polished brass bolster and Ulrich’s signature temper blade coloring which serves as a protecting tradition between the blade and tang.

Supply is extremely limited, and available directly through Quitokeeto.

Hohenmoorer Y2 Monostahl Chef’s KnifeHohenmoorer Y2 Monostahl Chef’s Knife