Jetvalve Smart System


Introducing the Jetvalve Smart System, a system that won’t deflate your ego. With road riding season well on its way thanks to an early spring, we have to anticipate numerous tire-deflating road hazards. If you’re like us and can’t wait to hit the road, then being prepared for flats is a must. Weldtite has come up with a perfect remedy appropriately named Jetvalve Smart System. The Jetvalve Smart system comes in either a repair pod or seat post mount kit, as well as an individual bottle cage mount. The Jetvalve Smart System Repair Pod features two co2 air cartridges, an inflator head, two tire levers. silicone straps and six self sealing patches; all in a smart lightweight compact kit. The Jetvalve Smart System Seatpost Mount Kit contains the same inflator accessories as the repair pod, minus the two tire levers and patches. Because time is of the essence, you’ll surely appreciate this beautifully designed fast pace solution that will make changin’ your tire a pain free experience.

Get the Jetvalve Smart System Repair Pod or the Jetvalve Smart System Seatpost Mount directly from Wiggle.