Killspencer Precision Pocket Camera Bag


Pockets made with a purpose and then some with the Killspencer Precision Pocket Camera Bag. Killspencer has sculpted the perfect camera bag made to fit the artful enthusiast. Made in California by a small passionate team of craftsman and women, the modular camera bag is crafted from premium black leather with a bullhorn leather flap and taupe leather interior. Killspencer built the bag with some wicked functional features like two front pockets that fit a full size moleskin and Alice clip attachment points for your iPad mini case or accessories case. Killspencer has built a custom made-in-the-USA precision interior camera bucket that can be completely customized to fit your camera of choice. As fans of Killspencer and their minimalist design, they have created a well focused modular camera bag that you’ll be proud to carry your composition in.

Order the Precision Pocket camera bag and Precision Pocket camera bucket at Killspencer.