Prisma Guitars

Prisma Guitars gives new life to the long forgotten used skate deck. Founded by Nick Pourfard, Prisma Guitars is the result of a passion for skateboarding, music, and an education in industrial design. Over the years we’ve seen some pretty impressive products crafted from old skate decks, but nothing tops the craftsmanship of these custom guitars by Nick. These one-of-a-kind guitars are painstakingly crafted and sculpted like a piece of art, and each knob is hand machined and polished to perfection. The level of detail is outstanding, but what’s impressive is that Nick is a self taught woodworker that has been perfecting and evolving his craft since creating his first guitar at the age of 18. I’m not one to throw down a riff, but the sound is just as impressive as the design and craftsmanship.

Custom ordered, and built to your preferences. Find out more directly from Prisma Guitars.

Prisma GuitarsPrisma GuitarsPrisma Guitars