Completely customize your morning brewing ritual with the Zenroast. If you thought you had your methodical coffee grinding and brewing technique under control, try adding roasting to the mix. When freshness only lasts 3 days after roasting, 3 hours after grinding, and 3 minutes after dripping; it’s nearly impossible to achieve the optimal flavor when the odds are stacked against you. This small scale roaster puts the freshness back in you hands. What traditionally was used for roasting tea leaves and sesame seeds in Japan, is perfectly convenient for roasting coffee beans. Like stovetop popcorn, the magic is maintaining a consistent open-flame heat (does not work on induction stoves) while shaking the beans to prevent burn. Depending on your roasting preference, this new ritual make take 5 to 10 mins for the optimal roast. Crafted by hand in a small Japanese factory where one of six ancient kilns is located. Made from 1472 degrees heat-resistant ceramic, and finished a leather-hand stitched handle.

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Zenroast Coffee RoasterZenroast Coffee RoasterZenroast Coffee RoasterZenroast Coffee Roaster